Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Release Day ARC Review of All Signs Point to Murder (A Zodiac Mystery, Book 2) by Connie di Marco

All Signs Point to Murder (A Zodiac Mystery, Book 2) by Connie di Marco

Cozy Mystery

Midnight Ink

Publish Date: August 8, 2017

Paperback: 336 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0738751078
E-Book ASIN: B01M14L2YK

About the Book:

The stars predict a wedding-day disaster, but San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti never expected murder.

Julia Bonatti is alarmed by the astrological signs looming over Geneva Leary’s wedding day, but nobody asked Julia’s opinion and being a bridesmaid means supporting the bride no matter what. Even with the foreboding Moon-Mars-Pluto lineup in the heavens, no one’s prepared for the catastrophes that strike: a no-show sister, a passed-out wedding planner, and a lethal shooting in the dead of night.

With anger and grief threatening to tear the Leary family part, Julia is determined to understand how such a terrible tragedy could occur. As she digs deeper into the family’s secrets, her astrological insights will lead her to the truth about a criminal enterprise that stretches far beyond the California coast.

My Review:

All Signs Point to Murder is the next installment in Connie di Marco’s Zodiac Mystery series. The plot is unique and the author did a great job taking the reader on a rollercoaster. The mystery was set up so well that it was impossible to do much more than speculate on the culprit. Every speculation I did turned out to be 100% incorrect once I got to the end of the story. I loved the sheer amount of suspense written in-between the pages.

The twists and turns and additional foul play had my head spinning as I desperately tried to piece things together. I enjoyed at the ebb and flow of the book and how the author tied everything together. The multi-faceted story kept me engaged and interested throughout the entire book. The deaths, family secrets, criminal enterprise, red herrings and fast pace had me devouring the book every chance I could.

The world building and character development continued on strong in book 2. I was able to relate better to Julia (I had a hard time with that in book 1). Julia showed emotions that were easily transferred to me and I felt that she was written as a stronger cozy mystery heroine than other cozies I’ve read. Did she do stupid things? Yeah, a couple but we aren’t perfect and I don’t expect book characters to be without flaws.

I looked forward to my reading time with All Signs Point to Murder. As with the first book, there is a lot of astrology but I found it more interesting in book 2. Bravo to Ms. di Marco for plotting out and executing a superb cozy mystery.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.

My Rating:

5 Stars

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