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Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Spellhaven by Sandra Unerman #Fantasy #Music @MirrorWorldPub

The Unseen Spirits must be entertained, so that the city may prosper......

About the Book:

In the summer of 1914, Jane Fairchild, a young English musician, is kidnapped by magic and sent to Spellhaven, an island city ruled by magicians. Here, peace and prosperity are maintained with the assistance of Unseen Spirits bound to the service of the Lords Magician. The Spirits must be kept in good humour by the performance of all kinds of shows, dance, drama and music. Jane is one of many people kidnapped from the outside world and forced to contribute to these entertainments for a set period of service.

Only Jane is having none of it. She will not perform for her kidnapper, Lucian Palafox, but agrees to undertake an apprenticeship with another magician impresario, provided she is taught magic in return. Jane's forays into magic lead her deeper within the mysteries of Spellhaven, her rivalry with Lucian escalates and the quarrels between them grow strong enough to shake the city to its foundations.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Release Date:  August 17, 2017
Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing

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Read an Exclusive Excerpt:

The prison cell measured fourteen paces by fourteen. It was in a tower of the Inn of Strangers and daylight entered through a small window too high to allow Jane to see out. She had a bed, a chamber pot, and a stool for visitors. And blankets. Jane had never been inside an English prison, though she had heard stories about Holloway from a suffragette friend of her great aunt. At first acquaintance, this place did not compare too badly but that thought did not comfort her. Four weeks here might be tolerable but she did not know how she would endure six years.

Lucian was her first visitor. She considered refusing to admit him but she had things to say to him. He leaned in the doorway and looked at her.

‘Has anyone told you about the plays I make?’

Jane sat on the stool, her flute in her lap. ‘How many musicians’ careers have you wrecked?’

‘In my plays, the music is more than decoration. We start with melody and work outwards with words and dance, until they make a whole. Performers fight for the chance to join in.’

‘And I suppose you torture them if they don’t.’

‘Don’t be childish, little Miss Fairchild.’ He folded his arms and turned his head away. ‘After they’ve worked for me, musicians have careers that prosper beyond anything they hoped for.’

‘And you think it’s all right to kidnap and blackmail them? Because your rules allow it?’

‘In Spellhaven, the Magicians’ rules are the ones that matter. Why waste your time in a sulk?’

If she had been truly fierce, Jane thought, she would have known how to make him fear her. ‘Do you know what I went through on the journey here?’

‘Something like.’ He sounded impatient. ‘I’ve had magic turned on me when I fought duels with other magicians.’

‘At least you knew it was magic.’

‘I asked you to teach me, remember? If you’d agreed, I’d have had the chance to give you a proper invitation.’

‘I wouldn’t have believed you.’

‘No, but when the spell began to work, you’d have understood what was happening.’

He sounded so reasonable that Jane thought this over for a moment before her outrage returned.

‘Go away,’ she said. She picked up her flute and began to practice scales at full volume. When she paused for breath, he was gone.

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Meet the Author:

Sandra Unerman lives in London in the UK. When she retired from a career as a Government lawyer, she undertook an MA in Creative Writing at Middlesex University, specialising in SF and fantasy, and graduated in 2013. Since then, she has had a number of short stories published. In 2016, these included stories in Three Drops from a Cauldron, the Midwinter issue and Aurora Wolf, the September issue, both available online. She writes reviews and articles for the British Science Fiction Association and the British Fantasy Society. She is a member of London Clockhouse writers and other writing groups. Her interests include history, folklore and medieval literature.

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