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Susie Drake and the Stolen Memories by Jay Hall ~ @RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #SusieDrakeandtheStolenMemories #JayHall #ScifiFantasy

Susie Drake and the Stolen Memories by Jay Hall


Date Published: 01-06-2024

Publisher: 44th Morning LLC


About the Book:

Haunted by insurmountable grief, the nearly indestructible Susie Drake temporarily sacrifices all memories of her human friends. Unbeknownst to her, Ren Pith, a semi-immortal plagued by seizures and OCD, snatches her remembrances in pursuit of a time traveler, with the hope of rewriting the past.

Meanwhile, recruited by the grandchildren of her forgotten friends, Susie confronts a murder investigation intertwined with her purloined past and teams up with a private eye to unravel a perplexing link between her stolen recollections and a man who taunted her nearly a century prior. Racing against the possibility of total memory loss, Susie and the detective navigate time and space to follow a lead and venture into the future of an alternate Earth.

Susie’s quest intertwines self-discovery, justice, and a high-stakes race into a tangled web bridging past, present, and parallel worlds.

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