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#Review ~ Deadly. Set. Vegas. (A Vegas Victory FC Novel, Book 1) by Vanessa M. Knight ~ Romantic Mystery #Mystery @GoddessFish


Vanessa M. Knight


Romantic Mystery

About the Book:

Kennedy Romero is not a murderer. Why is she the only one who believes that? Well, her and her best friend believe it. And, yes, she knows it’s a little coincidental that she arrived in Vegas the same day her best friend’s husband was killed. But she swears she had nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately, Vegas Metro has other ideas—and they all lead to Kennedy. So instead of enjoying her vacation in Las Vegas, she’s stuck smack-dab in the middle of a murder investigation.

What she would give for an all-you-can-eat buffet and watching her best friend's soccer team play a match. But no. Instead of hitting the casinos, she’s trying to interview the players of the Vegas Victory FC and wishing she wasn’t the main suspect.

The body is growing as cold as the trail of the murderer. But if she doesn’t find the killer soon, Metro will be giving her a red card and she’ll be sitting in jail. Permanently.

My Review:

Deadly. Set. Vegas. is a fantastic murder mystery. Kennedy is a Chicago cop assigned to desk duty and mandatory AA meetings - you do the math. She finds herself in Vegas to support her bestie, Darcy Perrault, who is receiving an award. On the same day Kennedy arrives in Vegas, her bestie's husband, Chuck Perrault, is found dead in a VIP box at the stadium he owns. Since there's no love lost between Kennedy and Chuck, and her unfortunate and coincidental arrival, Kennedy shoots to the top of the suspect list, right next to Darcy. Knowing she didn't do it and neither did Darcy, Kennedy uses her training to dig up clues to exonerate them both. If only Detective Pagonis was easier to work with on this case.

I really enjoyed this mystery. There were twists and turns throughout. The sheer amount of betrayal put a couple of people at the top of my list. I was completely engaged in this story and surprised at who the murderer turned out to be at the end.

The characters are all flawed - significantly, making them more realistic. Kennedy is a great heroine and I enjoyed her encounters with Detective Pagonis. While Kennedy was a thorn in Pagonis's side, she ultimately was a great unofficial sidekick.

This book is so good I read it in one sitting.

I was provided a copy of this book.

My Rating:

Read an Excerpt:

A set of automatic doors let Kennedy out onto an enclosed path leading to an empty platform, with glass doors between her and the tram tracks. Back in Chicago, five PM was prime rush hour. Here, not so much. At least not today.

Five long, drawn-out minutes passed. She checked her phone for messages. Ten minutes passed. Well, maybe it was only seven minutes, but it felt like seventy, so there was that.

She tried to look down the tracks for an incoming train, but palm trees and the building next door blocked the view. Then she checked the website to see if the tram was running today. Nothing indicated it was down.

As if she willed them, the glass tram doors opened. Finally.

She took a step back, waiting for the tram to pull up to the platform. No tram. Maybe she was missing something. She leaned past the doors. Nothing. No tram was in sight.

A shove at her back and she fell forward—toward the tracks. Her arms flailed. She was falling. And there was nothing she could do about it.




Her knee bent, banging into a metal rail. Her hands shot forward, her palms smacking into the other rail. Her forehead thumped against metal. Everything rocked with darkness.

Raw pain burned along her palms. Not to mention the throbbing in her knee. She swore she heard voices yelling behind her. Maybe the person who pushed her. Maybe she was hearing things. Her head was ringing. The whoosh in her ears was so loud, she might be mishearing the ringing in her ears as voices.

Maybe she finally lost her marbles and the marbles were actually talking. Who knew.

Her body vibrated. Two sets of hands wrapped around her upper arms. The tracks disappeared, replaced by a blur of palm trees and sky. She flopped like a rag doll as a silver wall flashed by. Two men stood over her. “Are you okay?”

She wanted to say yes—because she was pretty sure the men were talking to her—but her mouth wouldn’t move. Her body just shut down.

Meet the Author:

Who is Vanessa M. Knight? Well, I’m an author. Wow. After years and years of wanting to use those words, that is fun to say. It’s almost as fun as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Did I spell that right?

I write contemporary romantic suspense.

I live in Chicagoland with my family and menagerie of four-legged friends. In my mind, these lovely animals do everything as they should. I’m the alpha, keeping peace and harmony amongst my humble servants. In real life, they own me. I’m the maid, here for their feeding pleasure. Well, that and to clean up their messes.

When not catering to the needs of adorably-furry faces, I slug through the nine to five grind and head home so I can write. Of course, that’s after I make dinner and clean the house and all the other tasks that go into family life. So really, I work, cater to animals and my family… and then, if I don’t fall face first into bed, I write. I love putting my characters into crazy situations and watching how they react. I hope you love reading about them.

I love to hear from fans. I can be found on Facebook at VanessaMKnight and at www.vanessamknight.com.


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Deadly. Set. Vegas.

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