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Book Spotlight ~ Unbalanced pH J.M. Scarlet ~ #Romance @JmScarlet97028

Unbalanced pH
J.M. Scarlet

Genre: Romance/Erotica 
Date of Publication: May 1st 
Number of pages:  57 
Word Count: 17,686
Cover Artist:  King of Designer 

About the Book:

In "Unbalanced pH," Doug finds himself at a crossroads as he navigates the complexities of family, desire, and self-discovery amidst a tumultuous transition.

Struggling through a custody battle for his two young children, Doug seeks stability and solace in the form of a larger home, hoping it will bolster his chances of securing custody. However, amidst the chaos of legal proceedings, he finds himself drawn into a web of temptation and desire.

His attractive neighbor, Nene, begins to show romantic interest in him.  Their initial encounters are innocent enough, but soon evolve into a passionate and clandestine affair. Entranced by Nene's charm and allure, Doug is torn between the heat of their connection and the responsibilities weighing heavily upon him.

Meanwhile, Doug's routine visits to the local bar provide him with an escape from the pressures of his life. It is here that he encounters PJ, a seductive and captivating woman whose presence ignites a spark within him. Despite his initial reservations, Doug finds himself entangled in a whirlwind romance with PJ, further complicating his already tumultuous situation.

As Doug navigates the complexities of his budding relationships with Nene and PJ, he grapples with the weight of the secrets that have fractured his family, he must also confront the harsh realities of his custody battle. Despite the allure of his newfound romantic prospects, Doug finds himself haunted by the absence of his children, yearning for their presence in his life.

Doug embarks on a journey of self-discovery, searching for the balance that will bring him the happiness he seeks. He must confront his own vulnerabilities and uncertainties in order to find the balance he so desperately seeks.

Unbalanced pH is a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the pursuit of happiness, as one man grapples with the complexities of family, romance, and the secrets that threaten to unravel his world.

Read an Excerpt:

As he drove up and pulled into his spot he noticed Nene getting out of her car with two arms full of groceries.  Doug parked his car, and quickly got out to help.  

“Hey Nene, do you need some help?”

“Heeyyy Doug, of course I could use a hand,” she replied as he grabbed a bag that was slipping out her hand.  “Thanks so much!  These groceries are a mess, but I gotta feed these kids.  And while I’m here gettin’ these groceries, the kids ain’t never around to help!” As she chuckled, Doug nodded.  He’d passed Nene a few days back and met her briefly, but this was their first real interaction.

“Yeah, that’s the thing about kids, I get that.  But you gotta be glad you had ‘em right?”

“Well I guess Doug, I have second thoughts from time to time,” she said as she laughed again.

 “Hey Doug, I noticed you working on that house next door, and was wondering are you fixing it up, or are you moving in?”  They both gathered their grip on their respective groceries and paused.  Doug shifted around a bit.

“Uh...well, you know Nene, since you like asked and all, I’m pretty much doing both.  I bought the property, and it needed a bit of work so I’m working on it too.”

“Ohhh, ok, ok Dougie, I see you, I see you.  Well since I got this moment with you, if you don’t mind me askin’ and all,” she started while looking up at him, “what you going to do with all that space? I’ve been here seven years, and all these houses are the same.  They’re all three bedrooms.  And from what I’ve noticed, it don’t seem like you have any family.  Am I correct in that?”  She motioned her torso in a shy but sultry fashion.  Doug felt slightly warm; the sun was out, but that was not the origin of his temperature rise.  He looked her up and down faintly, and noticed her nicely painted toes poking out from her sandals, her shape, void of hips, but trim waistline, her full bosom, and long pink nails contrasting her beautiful dark skin.  Doug glanced deeply at her face, and focused on her provocative brown eyes.

“Well Nene,” he stuttered, “since you asked, I’m sing–...I mean I have two girls.  And yeah, I’m single, I mean I’m a single dad,” he replied, mopping his answer up at the end.  

“OK!” she exclaimed, making space and walking toward the door.  “I wasn’t trying to get all in your business, but we’re neighbors you know.  So I just wanted to let you know, if you ever needed a cup of sugar or some flour or something like that, I’m here.  Right next door, I’m your neighbor.”  Doug helped her to the door, and handed her the load of groceries he held.

“I got you Nene, I got you.  But let me ask you something?”  She nodded in acceptance to his question.  “How do you know I can cook?”  She smiled and gazed at him.

“Well, any man who is single, appears to be responsible, is a homeowner, and has a smile like yours…I’m just betting you can.  Sooo, if you need a little sugar to make something sweet, I’m the neighbor lady you should call on.  I’m only a few feet away.”

“Ok,” Doug replied, smiling at her, “If I’m ever in need of some sugar, you’ll be the first neighbor I’ll call.”  Doug backed off her doorstep and started to walk away.  He looked back to see Nene gripping her finger in her mouth eyeing him. She quickly waved, and Doug waved back, smiling.

Single dad…single, I’m single, thought Doug as he walked the pathway to his house.  I’m single, I don’t need permission to talk to my neighbors.  I’m single.  No one will say anything about how you handle your life; you don’t have a woman right now.  You’re single.  Be ok with that.

About the Author: 

JM Scarlet is a burgeoning talent in the literary world, making her mark with captivating Urban Fiction and Erotica tales. With her debut book, "Unbalanced Ph," slated for release early this summer, Scarlet is poised to enthrall readers with her provocative storytelling.

Despite being a newcomer to the industry, Scarlet's passion for crafting compelling narratives shines through in her work. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energy of urban life and the complexities of human desire, she weaves tales that resonate deeply with readers.

Beyond her writing endeavors, Scarlet is known for her affinity for cats and an appreciation for all things sexy. However, she remains steadfast in her belief that the story itself is paramount, striving to create narratives that captivate and inspire.

As she embarks on her journey as an author, JM Scarlet invites readers to join her in exploring the rich tapestry of human experience through the lens of passion, intrigue, and unbridled desire.

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