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Five Fun Halloween Facts by Jennifer Silverwood, Author of Craving Beauty (Wylder Tales, Volume 1) ~ YA Fairy Tale Fantasy @JennSilverwood ~ Haunted Halloween Spooktacular

Five Fun Halloween Facts

Happy Halloween lovelies! Once again, it's time to pick out or create that crazy costume and eat all the candy you want. And maybe share with the kids, they did earn it with their cuteness. To help us get in the spirit of the season, I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween Fun Facts.

When they made the first Halloween movie, the budget was so tight they could only afford a cheap mask for the main villain. What's now known as the Michael Meyers mask was in fact originally a Kirk mask from Star Trek.

Did you know statistics show 50% of trick-or-treater's prefer chocolate candy? Apparently, only 24% prefer non-chocolate. Only 10% prefer gum. Something to keep in mind when you prepare to fill your candy bowls this year ;)

This one is a bit creepier, but have you heard that trick-or-treating was once called "souling?" In medieval times, the poor went door to door on Hallowmas (Nov 1) offering prayers for the dead. The people would give them soul cakes in exchange.

Pomona, an ancient Roman festival heavily influenced Halloween. Many of the games we play today like bobbing for apples originate from the Pomona festival. This is also why Halloween has been called San-Apple Night. Other names for Halloween include Samhaim, All Hallows’ Eve, Summer's End, Witches Night, and Lamswool.

Did you know Halloween can trace its origins over 6,000 years? We can thank the Celtic Druids, in fact. During Samhain, the priests lit fires so the sun would return after winter. The Druids threw cattle bones into the flames and eventually their "bone fire" was called "bonfire." Bet you'll never make s'mores the same way again…


Craving Beauty
Wylder Tales 
Volume 1
Jennifer Silverwood

Genre: YA Fairy Tale Fantasy
Publisher: SilverWoodSketches
Date of Publication: July 14, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-0881-3626-3
Number of pages: 222
Word Count: 60,808
Cover Artist: Qamber Designs

Tagline: A hungry beast waits to devour her soul…

About the Book:

Nineteen-year-old Vynasha's life is no fairy tale. The fire that killed her sisters was her fault, and the magick that saved her nephew cannot heal their scars. They shouldn't have survived, and the villagers either fear or loathe them. Until a mysterious stranger saves her, giving Vynasha the key to finding the only family they have left.

With nothing to lose, Vynasha dares the journey into the forbidden Wylderland. Through dangers untold, she makes her way to the forgotten city, but more than ghosts linger in the castle. A wicked curse shadows the land, shadows whisper that the one to break their curse has come, and a beastly prince makes a bargain Vynasha cannot refuse:

Become the beast's bride or become a monster herself.

A dark tale of enchantment and woe, perfect for fans of Margaret Rogerson and Holly Black, Craving Beauty is the first installment of the epic Wylder Tales Series!

Purchase Links:

Amazon     BN    Kobo    Books2Read

About the Author:

Jennifer Silverwood has been involved in the publishing world since 2012 and is passionate about supporting the writing community however she can. After studying traditional art at university, she began helping Qamber Designs bring authors’ books to life. In real life, she’s a mom of two, a passionate reader, and an occasional artist. Jennifer is the author of three series—Borderlands, Wylder Tales, and the Heaven’s Edge Novellas—and the stand-alone romance titles Stay and She Walks in Moonlight.

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