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The first book in P. Rayne's upcoming Mafia Academy series features an enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage between Marcelo Costa and Mirabella La Rosa while they attend college at the secretive and private Sicuro Academy.

Vow of Revenge by P. Rayne is now live!

Nothing ruins a perfect day like your dead fiancé showing up in the middle of your first class.

Mirabella La Rosa
When my father arranged for me to marry the next in line to lead the Costa crime family, I swore I'd do anything to escape that fate. I have way more to offer my family than being some man's arm candy, producing heirs, and making appearances at weddings and baptisms.
Marcelo Costa might be my fiancé, but he'll never be my husband.
Somehow, I get lucky because he and his father are killed in a car bombing. Not only do I not have to go from being a mafia princess to a mafia wife, but now I can attend college at the Sicuro Academy--an affluent private college created for mafia children like me.
I'm so excited. I've moved into my dorm room with my best friend, put on the uniform and am ready to learn. But all my plans come to a screeching halt when he shows up on campus alive and well, seeking revenge on those that crossed him.

Marcelo Costa
The look of shock on my fiancée's face when I walk into the classroom at the Sicuro Academy gives me more pleasure than it should.
Mirabella made it clear she didn't want to marry me, and she's a problem to be dealt with for sure. But now, she's the smaller of my two problems.
The only reason I'm at the Sicuro Academy is because my investigation into the bomb that killed my father and almost took me out has led me here.
So I'll allow Mirabella to stay at the academy while I track down my father's murderer, but once I've brought that person to my own particular brand of justice I'll remove her from campus and make her my wife.
And no amount of pleading on her part will change my mind.

My Review:

I can't believe how exceptional this book was written. I love mafia romances and Vow of Revenge impressed me. The story is character-driven, focusing on Mirabella La Rosa. A mafia princess, Mirabella was promised to Marcelo Costa. Her feelings were not hurt when he and his father are killed in what could only be a targeted hit. Marcelo's death affords her the opportunity to attend Sicuro Academy. Only, he comes back from the dead, and arrives as Sicuro Academy on the first day of classes as a new student.

I loved the dynamics between Mirabella and Marcelo. Mirabella knows how things are supposed to be in a mafia family and arranged marriage but that doesn't mean she accepts them. She wants to more than a brood sow and arm candy. She wants to be part of the crime family in a meaningful way. Marcelo wants to take her home as soon as his investigation into the car bombing is complete. Mirabella is persistent in getting Marcelo on her side but when danger finds them at the Academy all bets are off.

Vow of Revenge is an excellent book. I can't wait for the next story in the series. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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