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Feature & #Giveaway ~ Android's Daughter by Marshal Northrup ~ Science Fiction #Excerpt

Android's Daughter 
by Marshal Northrup 

Genre: Science Fiction 

A beautiful android steals a baby. 

Andrea is an assassin who lives in a floating city.
When on the job she decides to steal a baby. With
the help from a friend she raises the child to the age
of training. But nothing is what it seems and the true test begins. 

If you like to read good science fiction and laugh then you will want to read Androids Daughter.

An Android's Fun:

Andrea stood on her balcony overlooking the woods and took a deep breath. ‘Nothing like the smell of nature.’ She looked up at the sky. The clouds were blocking the sky. She knew that Mother generated them, but she still looked at them. She looked at her hands. They were as steady as a rock. ‘It’s been two years since they shook, and I still have a memory gap of that night.’ She had told Mother and she got an answer. She liked it or not.

Mother had told her she, Andrea the android, was about to become more human. She took a puff of her medicinal cigarette. ‘Well I wanted to be human.’

She looked up at the early morning sun. Mother had told her that her physiology would still be that of an Android, but she would become emotional like a human. She took one last puff and tossed her cigarette over the balcony.

She walked back into the bedroom. She took her robe and tossed it on the bed. She stood in front of the mirror and ran through the outfits available to her. She picked a pair of tight-fitting pants, a top, and sneakers.

She had bought the mansion more as a status symbol than a necessity. It had a large kitchen, a foyer, living room, large library, several other rooms, a game room, theater and a three-car garage; none of which she used. She only needed this master bedroom which was more than enough for her needs.

She pressed a symbol at the top right corner of her stand up mirror, and it automatically jacked into the ports in her wrists. The mirror served as a portal gateway and a communication device. Anyone could portal anywhere by just saying the name of the location out loud but, if you are going outside of the city, you need to visually see it so you can portal to it without going into the ground or a mountain, but when you come back you don’t need to see the city since it’s where you started. The information started to download. It didn’t take long. When she was finished, she unjacked.

She started to think about the new information for her work. She found her new target to be interesting. She studied her habits and everything else about her. She knew how she would approach her target. ‘Nothing like the present to prepare for tonight.’ She had picked an outfit that should catch her attention. She had decided to go with a maid outfit. She made sure it was appropriate to wear and that the hem went to her knees. She also made sure that her hair was in two braids with two bows at the end of each of her braids. Innocence personified.

She then pressed a symbol on the top right corner of the mirror and the capitol of the Republic of Oklahoma came into view. She zoomed in far enough that she could see the streets of Oklahoma City. She knew that she would have to drive to the location. She frowned at the thought. ‘Driving is such a primitive concept but if she didn’t, and just portaled there, then it would raise red flags for sure.’

She soon found a used car dealership but also a rental car place. She smiled when she spotted a lone car safely tucked away in an alley. ‘Why buy or rent when you can just get a taxi.’ She ported next to the car and opened the door. She got in.

“Destination?” she heard a male synthetic voice say.

“1101 E. Michael Street.”

The car then lifted into the air and headed toward the destination. It took about an hour, because traffic was horrible, but when she arrived she heard the doors lock.

“One hundred credits please.”

She raised her eyebrows but put her finger in the finger slot. It was then scanned.

“Thank you for choosing to use Air Services. Have a good day.”

When it left, she turned around and walked toward the mansion that was at the top of the hill. She noticed that even though it was a mansion it looked weathered like a flawed, shining jewel in a mud-covered cesspool of corruption and drugs. She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by a woman dressed in a butler uniform with a bun on top of her head and glasses perched on top of her nose. She couldn’t have been more than thirty-five years old.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Yes, I am the maid that the agency sent over.”

She then saw the woman look up and down at her body. She then turned around and walked inside.

“Please follow me.”

She stepped into the mansion. As she followed the lady butler, she noticed there were a lot of female workers.

“The maid that you are replacing disappeared and we have not seen her in quite some time. I can only assume she found other employment. No matter, you will be taking her place as well as her room. Don’t worry, I have already had her room cleaned so feel free to make the room yours. You will also be responsible for helping the other maids clean the mansion. You will be assigned a section of the manor that will be your responsibility. In addition, the mistress is gone most of the time but, when she does come home, you will be expected to help her to de-stress. My name is Ms. Holcomb, though you can call me ma’am.”

Andrea nodded her head. “Yes ma’am.”

She walked to a room that had a door with a knob instead of the sliding door that she expected to see.


“Yes, this house has been in her family for centuries and has been well maintained,” Ms. Holcomb said as she turned the knob.

They entered the room which was only the size of a walk-in closet. There was only room for a cot and a small trunk at the end of the cot.

“You will be expected to put your personal effects, if any, in the trunk.”

She saw another woman walk up to the door. “So, this is the new person.” She only looked to be in her twenties with long hair that she kept in a long braid. She didn’t wear any makeup.

“Yes, this is the new person.”

She then looked at her. “I’m sorry I didn’t get your name. What is it?”

“I’m Andrea.”

“This is Andrea.”

The woman smiled and stuck her hand out. “My name is Martha. How are you?”

“I am doing well.” She shook Martha’s hand.”

“Now that the pleasantries are done, I will now attend my other duties.”

They both watched as the butler walked away.

“Now let’s go to where you’re supposed to work, and I’ll show you around.”

They walked from the closet that she was supposed to sleep in, to the kitchen.

“Sorry about the room. She likes stuffing the new people in there until they have been here for a year, and if you’re still here after a year, you’ll get a room like the rest of us. I don’t think that it helps that Holcomb has a stick up her ass.”

They passed the kitchen to the hall that had three rooms.

“Alright, this is the area you’ll be working in. You’ll be vacuuming, dusting and straightening and you will occasionally help one of the other girls with their cleaning.”

They walked into one of the rooms. “This is the living room. The carpet will not be easy to clean because of how thick it is.”

Andrea looked around the room ‘She was not kidding about the carpet being thick.’ The carpet looked to be made from high quality material and looked very expensive.

“Lucky for you, the carpet is stain resistant so you shouldn’t have that much trouble cleaning any stains from it. The mistress does like to have her parties sometimes.”

She then showed her the two other rooms. One was the office and the other was the lounge area.

“When can I expect the mistress to be home?”

“Well since you’re just a maid, it’s supposed to be when she gets here, that’s how you know. But since you’re new and I like you, I will let you know that it is supposed to be this weekend. Which reminds me! I’m sure Ms. Holcomb told you that one of your responsibilities will be to help the mistress de-stress, right?”

She nodded her head.

“So how do you feel about sleeping with women?”

She raised an eyebrow, “So it’s not giving her a massage or drawing her a bath.”

“That’s part of it but she’ll pick one of us to sleep with.”

“I do believe that is called sexual harassment.” She heard laughter.

“What are you going to do, report her? Jobs aren’t exactly plentiful plus I rather enjoy it.” She then looked at her with a twinkle in her eye. “I think that’s enough touring. You think you’ll be able to handle it?”

“Yes, I can handle it ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ma’am. I’m not like Holcomb. You can call me Martha.”

Martha stuck her hand out for a handshake. Andrea shook her hand.

“So, tell me, Andrea, do you like ice cream?”

She nodded.

“Good how about we get a bowl since this place is pretty much clean anyway.”

Martha then turned around and walked away. Andrea followed her to the kitchen. Martha walked up to a freezer, opened it up and started to dig around inside. She emerged with a quart of strawberry ice cream. She then grabbed a couple of bowls and filled them up with ice cream. She sat them on the table, and they started to eat it.

Martha looked at her for a little bit. “So, tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your favorite thing to do? Are you married? Do you have any kids?” she asked in rapid succession.

Andrea just raised an eyebrow. She placed her spoon down into the bowl and placed her hands on the table. “You talk pretty fast.”

Martha just nodded her head.

“Alright I’m from a small village called Tahlequah and I like to read, listen to music and I’m single with no kids.”

“What kind of music do you like listening to?

“Classical music mostly.”

Martha nodded and they continued to eat in peaceful silence. When they were done Martha put the bowls in the sink.

“Well as much fun as this has been let’s get back to work, shall we.”

Andrea got up and walked to her workstation and started to clean.

She had now been on the job for a week. She and Martha would eat ice cream every morning and talk. They talked about mundane things, but she could see a glint in Martha’s eyes when they talked. She did not know what the glint was though, so she just made a mental note in her processor.

When Saturday arrived, she was cleaning the carpet when she heard the door open and Holcomb greeted someone.

“Holcomb, it is good to be back home! Have my bath drawn.”

“Yes, madam. May I hold the little one?”

“Yes, you may. Julian should be coming in a little bit. She has had a rough go of it this trip.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, madam.” “I will have your stuff brought in.”

“Thank you. Let me hold my baby now.”

She scanned the area until a clear picture of her target came into view and there was a baby in her arms. ‘Now that is interesting.’ She watched as the woman walked in holding her baby and headed upstairs. She saw Holcomb walking toward her workstation. She got back to work just as Holcomb came into view. Holcomb came in and looked at her.

“Go and prepare the mistress’s bath.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She went into the bathroom and walked to the tub. The tub was a large clawed bathtub that could easily hold two people. She turned the faucet and watched as the water came out in a gush. She heard the pipes in the wall make groaning noises. When the tub was full, she walked to the door but just as she was about to open it, Holcomb opened the door and stepped in.

“The mistress will not be taking a bath after all. She has decided to go to bed so go ahead and drain the tub. You are free to go to bed.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She then stepped out of the bathroom. When Holcomb was gone, she drained the tub and went to her room. She laid on the bed still dressed in her maid uniform.

When her internal clock told her it was one a.m., she got up and carefully opened her door. She then scanned the area and walked out of her room. When she found no one up, she carefully made her way to her target’s room.

When she got there, she carefully entered the room and saw that her target was sleeping peacefully in her bed. She looked around the room and noticed a baby cradle. She ignored it and walked to the bed. Her target was sleeping peacefully.

She reached into the top of her uniform and took out a vial and unscrewed the top off and poured a little of the contents onto her finger. She then waited for her target to exhale. She then stuck her finger under her nose and as she inhaled, she inhaled the contents on her finger and thirty seconds later her target jerked briefly, then stopped breathing. She checked her pulse to make sure she was dead.

The vial contents were nanobots that were programmed to kill the target quickly and quietly. She had them specially made for her. When she was sure that her target was dead, she walked over to the cradle and looked in.

She saw a baby with the most gorgeous sea green eyes. She just stared at them and she knew what her function was. It was to protect and care for this baby, no matter the cost. She took the baby into her arms and the baby started to cry. She created a portal and walked into it, taking her back to the city of Doran.

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