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Book Blitz & #Giveaway ~ Protect the Valley (Mountain Valley, Book 2) by Vivian Adler ~ #Romance #Suspense ~ @VivanAdlerBooks @RABTBookTours #rabtbooktours #ProtecttheValley #VivianAdler

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Mountain Valley, Book 2
Romance Suspense
Date Published: Oct. 27th, 2019

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About the Book:

Sheriff Beckett Remington is protective of his valley. A psychopathic doctor is tormenting the community in the middle of his election, and Beck's patience is stretched thin. When all evidence points to Beck's new girlfriend his future plans are on the chopping block. Will he be able to keep his calm, cool, and collected demeanor?

            Eve Crawford has one last goal to achieve before she'll feel complete. She’s already achieved her nursing degrees, landed the job of her dreams in the town she grew up in, and bought the home she always wanted. The last thing on her list is to find a good man, one she can spend the rest of her life with. Sheriff Becket Remington fits the bill so perfectly, she just can't trust it. When a doctor from her past shows up in town, fear sends her straight in the arms of the big bad sheriff. Will he be able to uncover the truth and find the doctor in time?

Read an Excerpt:

In the exam room, Eve helps me undress the little guy and together we play a game while the other scans a body part looking for any kind of injury. When the boy is undressed except for his undershorts, I hear Eve pull in a breath of shock. “What is it?” I ask with concern as I observe her examining the marker scribbles on Will’s body. “These are not normal.” Eve says with worry clouding her uneasy expression. I chuckle, “No they are not normal. Little boys are suppose to draw on paper not their bodies.”

Eve look stricken with disgust at my explanation. “You’re wrong, someone put the marks on him for a purpose. They are marks a surgeon puts on a patient before surgery, not marks from a little boy who got a hold of a marker.” She looks puzzled as she runs a hand over the boys curly blonde locks. “I can’t be sure what kind of surgery but the doctor should be able to tell you more.” She says while holding the boy and doing her best to help snap photos of the markings.

My mind is reeling from her clarification and I wonder what this means and how it is linked to his mother’s death. I can’t stop thinking suicide doesn’t seem like something Nora would do, she loved this little boy. There is no way I will believe she up and committed suicide leaving Will an orphan. There has got to be more to the story and I am eager for Lindsey and her team to understand it.

About the Author:

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Vivian Adler grew up in a small mining community nestled in the Northern Idaho Panhandle with mountainous regions, tall evergreen trees, and an ever-changing river. She left a teen mom and moved to Southeastern Washington. She had a sixteen-year long career as a Lighting Specialist. In 2018, Vivian and her husband took that “deliberate leap in the opposite direction” and moved across the country to Tennessee. With her son grown and out of the nest she dedicates her time to her passion of writing fiction.

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