Thursday, December 5, 2019

Book Anthology Feature & #Giveaway ~ Christmas Treasures Anthology ~ Mixed Genres Holiday Fiction

Christmas Treasures Anthology 

Mixed Genres Holiday Fiction

Anthology Includes Stories by:

Angela Gray, C. Forrest Lundin, E.M. Denning, 

Holly Barbo, Jess Mountifield, Maxine Murphy, 

Julie Elizabeth Powell, Marc Sanderson, S.P. West, 

Sean Gallatin, Cherime MacFarlane, and Suzy Stewart Dubot 

Through time and space, Christmas remains a time for love, laughter and family. It may be the family we make, the one we were born into, or the one we hope to find. These Christmas stories are all about Christmas, in the future, the past or now. Come with us, let’s celebrate the holiday season. 

Angela Gray - An Unexpected Christmas

Award Winning Author C. Forrest Lundin - Christmas Changes

E.M. Denning - Snow Angel 

Award Winning Author Holly Barbo - A Magic Yule 

Jess Mountifield - Santa’s Little Space Pirate 

Maxine Murphy - The Best Christmas He’ll Never Remember 

Best Selling Author Julie Elizabeth Powell - Yule Spirits 

Marc Sanderson - Christmas Eve 

S.P. West - Kickstart My Heart 

Sean Gallatin – Best Selling, Award Winning Author 

Cherime MacFarlane - The Perfect Present 

Suzy Stewart Dubot - The Christmas Ball 

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