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Book Series Feature & #Giveaway ~ The Titans Series by Sotia Lazu ~ @justsotia Paranormal Romance #PNR

The Titans Series 
by Sotia Lazu
Paranormal Romance



The Titans Series Prequel

For ninety-nine years, Halie has sought her destined mate on land, in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save her people's future. With each failure, she returns to her parents' kingdom under the sea, to find comfort with her best friend and lover, Delphinos.

Delphinos would do anything to ensure Halie's happiness, but he knows she belongs with him. Watching her lose herself time and again, while she searches for her future, is more than he can bear. 

When the sea witch tells her she'll find The One on her next trip ashore, Halie is forced to choose between the good of her people and the love of her life. And Delphinos has no intention of making her choice any easier. 

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A Nereid for the Titan

The Titans Series, Book 1 

Millennia—that’s how long Pherusa has mourned her lost love. 

And now her lovely, ingenious, stubborn Titan is miraculously back, but thinks she betrayed him to Zeus. Which she'd never do. 

This is their chance for a happy-ever-after, and he’s wasting it. Ugh. Infuriating male. 

But when he looks at her, she catches glimpses of the man he used to be. And when he touches her, there's no doubt he still cares. 

Millennia—that's what Pherusa’s betrayal cost Prometheus. Millennia beneath the cold, dark sea, with nothing but revenge fantasies keeping him company. 

Now he's finally free to take her from the sea kingdom and make her his. 

And listen to her swear she had nothing to do with his capture. 

And keep her safe. 

And feed her tasty Modern-Greek cuisine. 


He's not still in love with her, is he? 

A Maid for the Titan

The Titans Series, Book 2

For an eternity, Hyperion has been locked in stasis, watching life pass him by. The past couple of years, specifically, he—an once omnipotent Titan—has been relegated to being part of a hotel room's Chaos-blasted decor. Worse, he's lost all hope that's ever going to change. 

Until a mortal woman's touch awakens him... one body part at a time. 

Okay, so Olivia thought he was a statue, and only meant to dust him, but now he's flesh again, he's not letting her get away. And not only because the uninvited son of an Olympian claims Hyperion needs to bond with Olivia, to keep from unraveling and destroying all creation. 


The Titans Series, Book 2.5 

When Christina told Olivia she wanted a huge, hot guy of her own, she didn't expect this blue-haired merman to make her heart and body yearn for him. And she definitely didn't expect him to read her thoughts or shape shift.

One of King Nereus' generals and on the lookout for Titan activity, Palaemon shouldn't be wasting his time playing underwater taxi for this mortal female with the supple curves and uncensored thoughts. 

Then again, there's a lot more he shouldn't be doing with her, but the alternative is so much more enjoyable.

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A Guard for the Titan

The Titans Series, Book 3

For the six months since he was fished out of the sea, the only bright spots in Atlas’ still, lifeless existence are the moments the beautiful museum guard comes to talk to what she believes is his statue.

After hundreds of centuries in stasis, he regains control of his body, to save Iphigenia—a mortal of no significance in the grand scheme of things. 

Why does he need to protect her? Why does every inch of his body ache to touch her? 

Oh right. Because apparently, she's his soulmate. And he needs to bond with her, or boom goes the known universe. 


The Titans Series, Book 3.5

For the past decade, Magda has been dreaming of a man with blond hair and eyes blue as the sea, saving her whenever things are bad.

With her life changing drastically, it makes sense she daydreams of him again. Only Nerites is real, and when he saves her from drowning, a whole new world opens up before her, and with it surface memories of an impossible past. 

A Seer for the Titan

The Titans Series, Book 4

Earth fills Epimetheus' mouth. Covers his eyes. Clings to his body.

His brother buried him alive? Epimetheus will have his vengeance. Destroy everyone who takes Kronos' side. 

Like the mortal female gawking at Epimetheus while he digs his way out of the ground. 

She's a tasty-looking morsel, but the voice in his head says she's his enemy. 

Not his voice, not his problem. He'll make her his, and save the world in the process. Because that's how this Titan rolls. 

A naked guy literally crawls out of a hole in front of Elpida, and if she isn’t mistaken, tells her in Ancient Greek that he's Prometheus’ brother, Epimetheus. Her precognition gift—curse?—could at least warn her when things like this are about to happen. 

Oh wait. She's getting something now. A vision of loving Epimetheus and dying. Is it a glimpse of a future she can't change, or a past hidden from her? 

With the fate of the universe in the balance, can Elpida resist a Titan set on claiming her? More importantly, does she want to? 

A Titaness for the Titan

The Titans Series, Book 5 

Nikoleta is not prepared for the world this stranger who introduces himself as a god opens up to her. Too bad she doesn't get a say on the part she has to play. The world is at risk, and she's forced to remember a past she hasn't experienced, to help save it. Also, she's supposed to bond with a Titan she's both never met before and always loved.

Coeus wants to bond with his mate, save creation, and spend eternity enjoying life, but this stubborn mortal version of his soulmate won't be wooed. She insists she's not the woman he once adored. Can she be the one he falls in love with all over again?

And time for the two of them, and the world as a whole, has run out.

Sotia shares her life and living quarters with her husband, their son, and two rescue dogs, one of which may be part-pony. Sappy movies make her cry, and she wishes she could take in all the stray dogs in the world.

Sotia spent her formative years reading anything she could get her hands on, including steamy romances her grandma would frown upon--nah, Grandma would totally approve. Hailing from the land of Olympians and Titans, she could only resist writing about mythical immortals for so long. Her mythology romance boasts hot, powerful Alphas, who can handle sassy ladies and will stop at nothing to make them happy. 

True love exists, and Sotia is determined to give her fated couples a happy ending! 

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