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Review Tour ~ Love, Lies, and Treasonous Spies by Anne Shaw ~ @author_shaw @GoddessFish ~ Regency Romance

Love, Lies, and Treasonous Spies

by Anne Shaw

Genre: Regency Romance

About the Book:

Follow the gentlemen of the Tenet Club—an elusive group of noblemen that investigates crimes committed by the nobility—on a rousing journey of romance, suspense, and a guaranteed happily ever-after.


Sir Jack Sterling is on the trail of a treasonous spy. He follows a lead to a masquerade, where a moonlight garden—plus an inebriated heiress—equals trouble to more than his investigation.


Miss Rachel Farnsworth has vowed never to wed, preferring her freedom to an oppressive marriage. While at a masquerade, she steals a kiss from a masked stranger that awakes something deep inside her — a thrilling desire for genuine passion.


Sir Jack has no room in his volatile life for romance, yet he can’t stop thinking about Rachel. The spy threatens her life, and he is forced to take her into his confidence.


Following a trail of deception and lies, the pair struggle against the desire growing between them.

Read Excerpt One: 

Rachel followed Jack from the barn into the darkened night. Rain hung heavy in the air and the tinny scent of lightning boded ill for their journey back to the house. “We had best hurry,” she said. 

A gust of air whipped the cloak away from Rachel’s skirts and she corralled the garment in her hand before heavy drops of rain pelted her head. 

 “Time to run,” Jack said. They cleared the bridge when a streak of lightning preceded the boom of thunder. Rain soon followed. Jack veered towards the nearest enclosure, the folly. 

She raised her skirt and trotted across the grass after him. The delicate soles of her slippers sank into the dampening earth and she lagged behind Jack, cursing the footwear with every swear word she’d heard her brother utter. He must have heard her mutterings for he slowed and a huge grin creased his cheeks. She snapped her jaw shut, cutting off the flow of words and let out a squeal of surprise when he scooped her up into his arms. 

There was no time to protest his actions, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and held tight. Her girlhood fantasy had just come to life at his gallant gesture, but the reality was much more intriguing than her imagination. There was only one thing missing; his undying love. She pushed aside the unwelcome thought. Love and passion were two separate entities. And while she loved him, she was not in love with him. Or was she? 


Set in 1814 London, Sir Jack Sterling is on the hunt for a possible traitor within the Tenet group to which he belongs. When his sleuthing puts in the path of one Miss Rachel Farnsworth, she can be nothing more than a bump in the road. Jack has no time for a companion and Rachel doesn’t want to be tied to a man in marriage. A kiss at a masquerade ball changes something inside of both of them, especially when Rachel is now in the sights of the traitor.

Love, Lies, and Treasonous spies is a well-written regency romance with a mystery. Full of action, intrigue, and romance, this book kept me on my toes as Jack follows the trail of a traitor and Rachel hops aboard this quest. I enjoyed the path the author took for Jack and Rachel’s romance. They definitely had chemistry right from their first meeting. The author did a great job bringing Jack and Rachel to life on the pages.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.


Meet the Author: 

Anne Shaw is the author of both contemporary and historical romances. She lives in western Washington with her four-legged friend Larry, a quirky cat who stares at her for hours on end while she loses herself in a world where a sexy hero, and bold heroine face unsurmountable odds to reach the ultimate goal, a happily-ever-after. If you like rom-dramedies, then visit

Twitter: @author_shaw


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  1. Thank you for sharing your review of Love, Lies, and Treasonous Spies, I love the cover, synopsis and excerpt and I can't wait to read this story myself. Thank you for sharing the author's bio and book details

  2. Excellent post!! I really enjoyed reading the review and learning more about this book!! :)