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JUST HIS PARTNER by Donna Jeffries is out now! #RomCom

JUST HIS PARTNER by Donna Jeffries is out now! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy of this sweet romcom today!

Title: Just His Partner

Author: Donna Jeffries

Genre: RomCom

About Just His Partner:

She's just his partner, because she's seen the number of women he parades through his life. No amount of charm and good looks is worth being played...until Sabrina witnesses Jason take the blame for someone else at the law office where they both work.   

Sabrina: Jason Finch has had no shortage of girlfriends—if you can even call the women he sees that. He's tall, good-looking, incredibly intelligent, and always has the perfect comeback. He's as polished as he is irritating, especially with the way he struts around the law firm where we work together, as if he owns the place.   

He doesn't, thank you very much.   

We both made partner (even if I'm a junior partner and he's a full partner) within same year, and I've managed to keep our relationship professional even with the late nights, the social events, and the close quarters at the office. Until I see him take the fall on a case that he barely touched.   

Everything changes then, and when the managing partner at the firm comes down hard on him, I step in.   

My boss trusts me, and when I vouch for Jason...he thinks we're seeing each other. "I'm just his partner," I say, not realizing (at the time) that the word "partner" can have a different meaning than the lawyerly one.   

Jason is suddenly kind, appreciative, and...real. I can't help thinking that our relationship could be more than a fa├žade too.   

Which makes me crazy. After all, no one actually turns the office playboy into marriage material.   Do they? Can I?   

I've never shied away from a challenge, and I suddenly want to try taking myself from just his partner to his girlfriend.   

Get ready to laugh out loud in this hilarious, sweet workplace romantic comedy! The romance is clean, the jokes witty, and the law-office-grump swoon-worthy. Read today!

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About the Author:

Author Donna Jeffries loves everything about the South, from the big ships to the food. Oh, and the office grumps in her Southern Roots Sweet Romantic Comedy series.   Get ready to laugh out loud, sigh at the sweet, tender moments, and swoon over the office grumps in her sweet office romcom series.   Join her newsletter below. Follow her online. Check out her books.   

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