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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ The Somewhere I See You Again by Nancy Thorne ~ @nthornewrites

The Somewhere I See You Again
Nancy Thorne

Genre: YA Romance

Tagline: The lives of two teenage girls take a dramatic turn when both their families face financial ruin. Blackmail may be their only solution - and undoing.

Hannah will resort to anything to save her mother’s life. Including blackmail.Even if the target is the former boyfriend of her goody-goody best friend, Stacy.

Except, he just moved to the West Coast, and now it’s up to Hannah to convince Stacy to hitchhike with her cross-country to confront him.

It’s 1971. Change is happening. And Hannah’s understanding of the world is about to be tested by those she encounters along the way, includinga gorgeous draft dodger.

Someone is about to face a deathly experience. But it’s not Hannah’s mother.

The Somewhere I See You Again is an extraordinary story about the life-changing power of love and friendship against insurmountable odds 

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Read Excerpt 2:

For some reason it’s difficult to focus on anything except this guy even though conversations whirl around the table. I turn to Stacy. Still chowing down. The stew has little flavour. Already I miss Dad’s cooking.

“Your shirt’s unique,” I say, mostly meaning that it sticks out like a sore thumb.

“Don’t know why I brought it with me, except that my mom made me.” He smiles lightly. “She still treats me like a kid sometimes.”

Wish I could say the same.

“The rest of my clothes are nasty from the road. I’m planning to locate a coin laundry real soon.”

“Your mom must miss you,” I say.

“Of course his mom misses him, Hannah,” Stacy mocks. She nudges me with her shoulder. I wave her away.

Arlo stares at nothing, unless it’s the strange artwork of Campbell soup cans hung on the wall across from us. “Yeah, we’re close.”

I’ve been salting my stew this whole time. I take a bite and swallow hard, only because my other choice is to spit it back into the bowl. Almost choking in the process, a guttural sound escapes.

“As I said, needs chocolate,” Arlo says.

I smile and nod before he averts his eyes.

Stacy continues the conversation while I take a large swig of milk. “So, got anyone else special waiting for you back home? Besides your mom?”


Figures. Just don’t tell me how beautiful and perfect she is.

“My sister. She’s the best.”

Stacy sighs. Then she says she has to go write her letter.

Guitar music resonates from the living room. Everyone leaves the table except for Arlo and me. Arlo stands and presents his hand as if we’ve been sucked back in time. “Ready to get at it?”

More than ready.

I set my palms into his.

And I’m on fire.

About the Author:

Nancy Thorne is an award-winning author of fiction inspired by the romance and courage of youth.

Born and raised in Toronto, Nancy fostered a passion for words and creating stories in grade school but hid it much too well. Bringing to life a lifelong dream, her short stories have recently appeared in anthologies and literary journals.

Her debut novel, VICTORIAN TOWN, a  young adult paranormal romance with mystery and time travel elements, was released in 2018 and won First Place for the 2019 Dante Rossetti Award.

Nancy Thorne’s work has appeared in over seven major publications including The First Line Literary Journal and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She has received several awards and accolades including the Writer’s Award from the APL. Her works continue to appear in many journals and online publications. She lives just outside of Toronto with her loving family, energetic labrador, and an entertaining corgi.

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