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The Zoodles Strike Back

Snoodles in Space: Episode 2 

by Steven Joseph

Children's Books

Date Published: August 13, 2023

Publisher: Enigami Publishing


About the Book:

In the award-winning book “Snoodles in Space”, Steven Joseph and Andy Case brought us further adventures of Herbie Snoodleman and Sour Croodle-man exploring the universe and battling the Zoodle Kidoodles for the Earth’s entire supply of noodles.

In this third instalment of the Snoodles series, the Zoodles are determined to have revenge and with the help of a grimy millionaire whose fallen on hard times, they intend to poison the Earth’s water supply and turn everyone into Willy Nilly’s and Dilly Dally’s.

Can Briana and Ricky save the Earth again? Will the outcast kids on the other side of the track rise to the challenge and help save the world?

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