Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Falling for Mr. Bad by Melissa Foster is now LIVE! @greyspromo #GreysPromo #ReadNow

Falling for Mr. Bad by @melissafoster_author is now LIVE!

She’s a badass musician with no patience for overinflated egos. He’s a billionaire tasked with wrangling her into submission. Going head-to-head has never been so much fun. Especially since neither one is afraid to play dirty.

Sable Montgomery loves her single, do-as-she-pleases small-town life. She sees family often, spends her days working in her auto shop and many evenings playing at a local pub with her band, Surge. She has no desire to settle down or let any man tell her what to do. When Surge is offered what most people would consider the chance of a lifetime to tour with and open for Bad Intentions, the hottest rock band of the decade, her bandmates are all in, but she's determined to walk away. Sable has no patience for glitz, glamour, or overinflated egos, and that includes the infuriatingly hot billionaire sent to wrangle her into submission.

Taking over as manager for his brother's band wasn't on business mogul Kane Bad's agenda last year, much less negotiating with the stubborn and beautiful lead singer for Surge, but there's nothing he won't do for family. Including trying to stifle his desire for Sable. He needs to convince her to accept the contract, but he'd rather wrangle the sexy, headstrong, boot-wearing, tough-talking musician into his bed.

Loyalties are tested, lies are told, and greedy pleasures are satisfied. Are they just a chorus between chaotic verses, or will falling for Mr. Bad be Sable's greatest love song?

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Also available in audiobook, narrated by Samantha Brentmoor and Aiden Snow


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