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Oaky With a Hint of Murder 

by Dawn Brotherton

Eastover Treasures, Book 2

Cozy Mystery

Date to be Published: 12 Mar 2024

Publisher: Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC


Aury and Scott travel to the Finger Lakes in New York’s wine country to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings at the Songscape Winery. Disturbed furniture and curious noises are one thing, but when a customer winds up dead, it’s time to dig into the details and see what ferments.

Is there any truth to the Native American legends that cluster near Seneca Lake? Is the warrior’s disapproval of wineries growing legs?

Aury will need to pour over the clues to unearth the mystery before the winery’s reputation is crushed. With the annual wine festival just around the corner, Aury harvests more than she bargained for when the killer tries to bottle her up for good.

Read an Excerpt:

Chantel’s face fell, but she recovered quickly. “With so much going on at Songscape, Ethan should cut his losses and drop out of the festival next weekend. He has so much to attend to.”

“Oh, he’ll pull it together. Don’t worry about him.” Aury didn’t understand how people put up with this condescending woman.

“It’s not just about him. We want the attendees to feel safe. We don’t want a repeat of what happened at the party. Of course, I’m only saying this for the good of the community. Ethan and Joyce are new here. They wouldn't understand how much things like this festival mean to the livelihood of all the wineries on the Finger Lakes.” Chantel stared pointedly at Scott. “His careless mistakes could have big repercussions on everyone.”

About the Author:

Dawn Brotherton is an award-winning author of nineteen books and featured speaker at writing and publishing seminars. When it comes to exceptional writing, she draws on her experience as a colonel retired from the US Air Force as well as a softball coach and Girl Scout leader. Her variety of interests has led to a range of genres including mystery, romance, young adult fantasy, middle grade sports, picture book, and nonfiction. When she isn’t using her words, Dawn is in her craft room in Williamsburg, VA, quilting, painting, or taking online classes. Her affection for travel and all-things-crafty keeps her imagination in high gear for the next Eastover Treasure Mystery.


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