2022 Craving for Cozies Challenges #CravingCozies

I’m part of the 2022 Craving for Cozies Challenge hosted here:

I've chosen the following level:

Starving – 76-100 Cozy Mysteries

1. Cold Brew Corpse by Tara Lush

2. Once Upon a Witch by Valia Lind

3. Third Witch's the Charm by Valia Lind

5. Evil Under the Tuscan Sun by Stephanie Cole

6. Murder by the Seaside by Julie Anne Lindsey

7. Body and Soul Food by Abby Collette

8. Barista Bump-Off by Tonya Kappes

9. Costumes & Cadavers by Katherine H. Brown

10. No Farm No Fowl by Julie Anne Lindsey

11. Four Leaf Felony by Tonya Kappes 

12. Maine - Double Twist by Stephanie Rowe

13. Adventure, Abduction, & Arrest by Tonya Kappes

14. Flared Stiff by Julie Anne Lindsey 

15. Blowin' Up a Murder by Tonya Kappes

16. A Hint of Mischief by Daryl Wood Gerber

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