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Book Blitz ~ Boy Interrupted by Patrick King ~ #Suspense #Thriller @RABTBookTours #rabtbooktours #boyinterrupted #patrickking

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Suspense, Thriller
Date Published: June 2019
Publisher: Page Publishing

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About the Book:

Boy Interrupted is a gripping and potent detective novel depicting the tortured early childhood and psychotic break of Kenny Hanson, a motherless boy raised by a pedophiliac father. Later, a dedicated team of investigators races to find the perpetrator and the motive behind a shocking series of grisly murders across the state of Indiana.

Explore the psyche of a rampaging serial Killer. The ultimate crime drama outlining the parental abuse that creates a monster. An innocent child abused to the point of insanity.

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About the Author:

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Indiana novelist, Patrick King details the story of an innocent child whose pedophilial father and his band of like-minded perverts, abuse that child to the point of insanity. Watch that once innocent little boy evolve into the rampaging serial killer whose spree of gut-rending murder and mayhem eluded not only the F.B.I., local law enforcement and a statewide web of investigators for an entire year! "Boy Interrupted" will break your hear. And make you cry. You will never be the same.

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Book Feature & #Giveaway ~ Christmas Hope by Caroline Warfield ~ Historical Romance ~ @CaroWarfield

Christmas Hope 
by Caroline Warfield

Genre: Historical Romance 

Some wars must be fought, some loves must live on hope alone, and some stories must be told. This is one of them. 

When the Great War is over, will their love be enough?

After two years at the mercy of the Canadian Expeditionary force and the German war machine, Harry ran out of metaphors for death, synonyms for brown, and images of darkness. When he encounters color among the floating islands of Amiens and life in the form a widow and her little son, hope ensnares him. Through three more long years of war and its aftermath, the hope she brings keeps Harry alive. 

Rosemarie Legrand’s husband left her a tiny son, no money, and a savaged reputation when he died. She struggles to simply feed the boy and has little to offer a lonely soldier, but Harry’s devotion lifts her up. The war demands all her strength and resilience, will the hope of peace and the promise of Harry’s love keep her going? 

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Award winning author Caroline Warfield has been many things: traveler, librarian, poet, raiser of children, bird watcher, Internet and Web services manager, conference speaker, indexer, tech writer, genealogist—even a nun. She reckons she is on at least her third act, happily working in an office surrounded by windows where she lets her characters lead her to adventures in England and the far-flung corners of the British Empire. She nudges them to explore the riskiest territory of all, the human heart. 

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Series Feature & #Giveaway ~ Whiskey Everything: The Complete Series by Ryan Ringbloom ~ #RomCom @RyanRingbloom @RABTBookTours

Whiskey Everything 
The Complete Series
Ryan Ringbloom
Date Published: September 1st 2019

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Four books. Four whiskey-fueled romances.

About the Books:

Dick: Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It's a fluke. Too much whiskey. Believe me when I say, it will NEVER happen again.

I’m trying not to take it personally. Sh*t happens. It’s not a reflection on me. He claims it was too much whiskey. A one time occurrence. And I believe him.

But then why the hell does it happen a second time?

Chick: Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It's a fluke. Too much whiskey. Believe me when I say, it will NEVER happen again.

I’m trying not to take it personally. Sh*t happens. It was a blind date. She drank too much whiskey. I hope it wasn’t a reflection on me.

Okay, so the first date didn't work out. But what happens when the second one doesn’t either?

Trick: Everything usually goes my way. Life’s good. But after a bad breakup, a few problems emerge that I need help fixing.

He has problems all right. Sure, I’ll help. Just because I’m unlucky in love doesn’t mean the next girl should be too.

But maybe those problems aren’t so bad after all?

Flick: Everything usually goes my way. Life’s good. But after a bad breakup, a big secret unfolds that no one can ever know.

She has a secret all right. Sure, I’ll keep it. Just because we can’t tell anyone doesn’t mean we can't make it work.

But maybe some secrets do need to come out?

*F/F Romance

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Ryan Ringbloom, a Jersey girl who doesn’t write Alphas. I couldn’t if I tried. Social Media stresses me the frick out, yet I can’t seem to walk away from it. I love to binge watch TV. I think cats are awesome. I’m obsessed with coffee and Fireball. But never together. I am counting down the days until self-driving cars are the norm. And if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, I won’t even try to run. I will let the first one I see eat my brain and get it over with.

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Book Spotlight & #Giveaway ~ The Sound of Blue: Four Science Fiction Stories by Michael Duda ~ Science Fiction #SciFi ~ @MDuda_author

The Sound of Blue: Four Science Fiction Stories

Michael Duda

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Michael Duda

Date of Publication: August 16, 2019

ISBN: 978-0-9984984-0-9

Number of pages: 69
Word Count: 17,504

Tagline:  The Sound of Blue takes you on four journeys of alien discovery

About the Book:

The story “The Sound of Blue” was awarded Silver Honorable Mention by Writers of the Future, Q2 2019.

Aliens exist everywhere. They are android. They hide within the mind. They live on other planets. And they can even travel the universe using technology far beyond our understanding.

Markey VI, an android on an orbiting space station, assists an artificial intelligence. David, the A.I., ponders the question of humanity’s fate. The ultimate question is, “Should life be returned to Earth?” The answer is known as the Singular Conclusion. But the answer’s impact reaches far deeper into Markey VI’s electronic components and programmed logic than could be anticipated. And the android’s final moments bring it closer to humanity itself.

David Grayson volunteered for a project called, ‘Threading.’ Unfortunately, Threading slowly alters David’s mind. And it affects the other two subjects. But in what way? After the final test goes wrong, David unleashes a powerful ability capable of distorting time.

Shiran accuses Abian of murdering her husband. She claims that Abian tells lies about the events leading to the death. She also keeps a secret that could reveal the truth. When Abian uncovers Shiran’s secret, Shiran discovers that there is more to her simple village life than she first believed.

It’s a futuristic version of 1930s Chicago. Named Chicago VI, the shielded space city exists somewhere at the far edge of the Oberon Galaxy. And all space cities connect by jump trains, faster-than-light machines. Bobby and his dog, Mister Pleats, barely make ends meet at Chicago VI’s jump train station. But when Bobby meets an alien Xenoarchaeologist, he’ll discover that there’s more possibilities in the galaxy than shining shoes.

The Sound of Blue takes you on four journeys of alien discovery. A journey just out of atmospheric reach. To a mysterious planet and at the far end of a galaxy. And into the mind where superhuman powers wait to be untapped.

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Read an Excerpt:

Holding a modified acoustic guitar, Markey VI sat down in a chair facing the space station’s observatory window. There were no distracting sounds inside the room. Only a low frequency hum could be detected nearby.
Skin sensors indicated that the observatory maintained a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It was an optimal temperature for the operation of so many telemetry electronic assemblies that covered the walls to the left and right. This temperature would also be suitable for the transmission of sound waves.
David continued to argue for the purpose of suspended chords being played on the guitar. Or any instrument. To Markey VI, the guitar was a straight forward procedure.
“Suspension of chords is more than just playing music in time,” David said.
“And what other purpose do they serve?” Markey VI asked.
“It’s about tension, then prolonging the tension. It keeps humans listening, excited, wanting more. Geez, what do androids know?”
“But you are an artificial intelligence. You can only predict how a human might react. How would tension benefit you?”
“You forget I was once human. And your creator.”
This answer was illogical. The subtleties of being human were both inefficient and unnecessarily complicated. The A.I.’s responses indicated a potential reset of its system.
“Should I play for you?” Markey VI said.
“Yes. It helps me think.”
Markey VI positioned artificial hands over the guitar’s fretboard and bridge. David remained silent, working on the Singular Conclusion.
This was the ninth iteration of David’s A.I. During each new iteration, he attempted to once again resolve humanity’s fate. The question, Should life be returned to Earth? did not have a straightforward solution.
When this new iteration had begun, David had told Markey VI that the process was not to be taken lightly. It was like playing the role of Grand Creator. He had said that he was responsible for granting new generations of people a second chance, if they were worthy. And that was a matter of predicting behavioral outcomes in multiple scenarios. Markey VI had offered no response.
But David’s recent prediction efforts were now being interrupted by a second question. Had humanity all been an unfortunate accident? If David could not come to a satisfactory resolution soon, there would be another A.I. reset. And a tenth iteration of David would once again work at resolving the ultimate and final question.
“David, I will begin playing.”
“Look down below us and use real images to inspire you.”
From the observatory’s vantage point, the orbiting space station could more easily monitor the Earth through electronic means. The lifeless planet could also be viewed from a distance. Markey VI’s synthetic eyes granted good magnification. But at approximately 250 miles above the surface, details of what existed below were still somewhat limited.
The station had just moved into the light side of Earth. Below, the unfocused image of the Atlantic Ocean ran along the coastal line of what had once been Spain.
“What is it that you see?” David asked.
“Blue. Along a craggy cliff.”
“What are the sounds of blue against a cliff? Play it as music.”
“I could select a work from my memory. Would this inspire you?”
“Surprise me.”
Markey VI processed this request and seconds later decided on Charles Trenet’s La Mer. Initiating a backing track, metal fingers moved flawlessly in rhythm and time over the guitar’s nylon strings. As each chord changed, just enough pressure was applied to harmonize with proper effect. And scales rang out notes in perfect pitch, a singular voice that complimented the progression of music.
When finished, the android asked if the work was played satisfactorily.
“I have made you as close to God as possible and yet you lack a soul,” David said.
“I do not understand.”
“You don’t play. You imitate.”
“I will stop.”
“Did you know that when La Mer was first performed, audiences dismissed the work?’”
“I did not mean to offend you by playing it.”
David made a laughing sound, his voice spreading out through the mounted speakers spread across the observatory.
“Markey VI, does the color blue mean anything to you? Anything?”
“It has a visible spectral wavelength of –“
“I’m talking about concrete images conjured by the senses. I can’t taste spectral abstractions. They don’t remind me of the woman that smelled like cherry blossoms, or a soft kiss like a cloud’s caress, and ocean waves that softly ebbed and flowed to our beating hearts.”
“My output data could be modeled after several physical parameters of the landscape below.”
The observatory speakers went silent. Only the humming of electronics could be detected.
For several minutes, the station moved further around its orbit. The ocean shifted away as rock and grass came into view. The tops of trees appeared in random numbers and groupings. Hills rose and fell in no particular design or fashion.
Markey VI reviewed photographs and paintings stored in internal memory. They were compared to the foliage below. There was no logical reason for why humans had artistically recreated so many images of these topographical irregularities.
Finally, David spoke again. “I’ve reached the Singular Conclusion.”
“Are we to abort Project Eden?”
“No. Your music has shown me today what I can never predict tomorrow. Without flaws, without irregularities, humanity has no meaning and no reason for hoping for something better.”
“Their flaws caused their own self-destruction.”
“The greatest of all accidents. But they lived a million times more than you ever can, Markey VI.”
Markey VI stood up and placed the guitar in its stand. Strings plinked as the instrument settled into a resting position. The final task would soon begin. The station would be taken out of orbit.
“I will initiate Project Eden. A new cycle of humanity will evolve,” Markey VI said.
“And hopefully it will resolve to something better.”
“And if it does not?”
“Then a future version of me will try to fix humanity’s flaws, only to realize the miserable accident of a perfect android.”

About the Author:

Michael is the author of several collections of short stories. Under pen name M. Duda, his titles include We Dream at Twilight and Whispers from the Grave.

His most recent story, "The Sound of Blue," won Silver Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future. This has fueled his passion for writing fiction.

He lives in Ohio with his wife, three dogs and two cats. He writes because his cat hates him.


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Book Blitz & #Giveaway ~ The Prophets and the Executioner (Book One, The Awakening) by Frank Franco ~ Supernatural Thriller @RABTBookTours #rabtbooktours #theprophetsandtheexecutioner #frankfranco

The Prophets and the Executioner 
Book One, The Awakening
Supernatural Thriller
Date Published April 2019
Publisher: Page Publishing

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About the Book:

With war ravaging their planets and destroying their once-peaceful existence, they fled their homes in search of a new beginning.

Arriving on earth over ten thousand years ago, they brought with them the secret science of immortality, the wisdom of once living in perfect harmony, and the knowledge needed to recreate a utopia like the one they had just destroyed. What they didn’t expect was to arrive on a planet that was far direr than the one they had just left and that it would be thousands of years before earth would be ready for the knowledge they brought with them, if ever at all.

In 2011, Steven Di Carlo, unknowingly living his ninth existence as an executioner, was about to be awakened to his purpose on earth by remembering his many past lives. Along with his prophets Michael and Samuel, they would continue their enormous task of protecting the Book of Wisdom known as the KHoKeM, the very science of an everlasting life. Rumors of its existence had some referring to the KHoKeM as the Holy Grail while others searched in vain for the ever-elusive fountain of youth. December 12, 2012, feared as the day of the apocalypse, was in fact be the date targeted for the retrieval of the KHoKeM. September 9, 2019, would be the day its secrets are to be revealed to the human race. Will the people of earth be ready for this knowledge? Will the prophets and the executioner decide that humanity is still too barbaric and choose to leave the science hidden for another thousand years, or will the path and all its wisdom forever be destroyed by the evil inside us all? The journey begins with book 1 of this new trilogy by Frank Franco.

Keep an eye for Book Two in December 2019

The Prophets and The Executioner "The Darkness"

 photo The Prophets and the Executioner print iphone and ipad_zpsfd3cbhah.jpg

About the Author:

 photo The Prophets and the Executioner Author - Frank Franco_zpszcp8ngs3.jpg
Frank Franco is a 63-year-old proud father of two wonderful children; the grandfather of five amazing grand children aged 2 to 11 and has been married to his wife Lina, for the past 42 years.

Born in Amato, Italy in 1955, he immigrated to Vancouver Canada at the age of 4 and has lived there ever since.

Although Frank is not an accomplished writer, I would definitely call him an accomplished story teller. He began writing The Prophets and the Executioner in 2008, mostly writing on Saturday mornings and while on vacations. Writing a novel was a bucket list item he always dreamed of completing and after numerous re-writes, and the story taking control of the writer, one novel turned in to three and thus a trilogy was created and the adventures of Steven DiCarlo (The Executioner) and Samuel Stewart (his Prophet) took him on quite an amazing ride.

This trilogy, The Prophets and the Executioner is lightly based on the author’s beliefs and personal experiences of something existing beyond this world. A somewhat mystical connection guiding us through life and then welcoming us home when we die. Although purely fiction, The Prophets and the Executioner explores why we are here, where we came from and what comes next.

With no formal education as a writer, the intention was to complete the novel, print a few copies and hand them out to family and friends and cross that one off the bucket list. But coming from a newspaper background and having writers and editors as friends, he was encouraged by them to pursue publishing his story. Now that book one and two are complete and book three has been started, he thought, why not!

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Book Feature & #Giveaway ~ Sanctified (The Matawapit Family Series, Book 3) by Maggie Blackbird @BlackbirdMaggie


The Matawapit Family Series, Book 3

Maggie Blackbird

Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance 

In the midst of a battle for leadership at their Ojibway community, two enemies of opposing families fall in love…

After suffering a humiliating divorce, infuriated Catholic Jude Matawapit bolts to his family’s Ojibway community to begin a new job—but finds himself thrown into a battle for chief as his brother-in-law’s campaign manager. The radical Kabatay clan, with their extreme ideas about traditional Ojibway life, will stop at nothing to claim the leadership position and rid the reserve of Western culture and its religion once and for all, which threatens not only the non-traditional people of the community, but Jude’s chance at a brand-new life he’s creating for his children.

Recovering addict Raven Kabatay will do anything to win the respect and trust of her older siblings and mother after falling deep into drug addiction that brought shame and anger to her family. Not only does she have the opportunity to redeem herself by becoming her brother’s campaign manager for chief—if he wins, she’ll have the reserve’s backing to purchase the gold-mine diner where she works, finally making something of herself. But falling in love with the family’s sworn enemy—the deacon’s eldest son, Jude—will not just betray the Kabatay clan. It could destroy everything Raven believes in and has worked so hard for.

Learn More:


The Matawapit Family Series, Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance

A single woman battles to keep her foster child from his newly-paroled father—a dangerous man she used to love.

Bridget Matawapit is an Indigenous activist, daughter of a Catholic deacon, and foster mother to Kyle, the son of an Ojibway father—the ex-fiancĂ© she kicked to the curb after he chose alcohol over her love. With Adam out on parole and back in Thunder Bay, she is determined to stop him from obtaining custody of Kyle.

Adam Guimond is a recovering alcoholic and ex-gangbanger newly-paroled. Through counselling, reconnecting with his Ojibway culture and twelve-step meetings while in prison, Adam now understands he’s worthy of the love that frightened him enough to pick up the bottle he’d previously corked. He can't escape the damage he caused so many others, but he longs to rise like a true warrior in the pursuit of forgiveness and a second chance. There's nothing he isn't willing to do to win back his son--and Bridget. 

When an old cell mate’s daughter dies under mysterious circumstances in foster care, Adam begs Bridget to help him uncover the truth. Bound to the plight of the Indigenous children in care, Bridget agrees. But putting herself in contact with Adam threatens to resurrect her long-buried feelings for him, and even worse, she risks losing care of Kyle, by falling for a man who might destroy her faith in love completely this time.

Learn More: 


The Matawapit Family Series, Book 1

Genre: Contemporary M/M Inspirational Romance

It’s been ten years since Emery Matawapit sinned, having succumbed to temptation for the one thing in his life that felt right, another man. In six months he’ll make a life-changing decision that will bar him from sexual relationships for the rest of his life.

Darryl Keejik has a decade-long chip on his shoulder, and he holds Emery’s father, the church deacon, responsible for what he’s suffered: the loss of his family and a chance at true love with Emery. No longer a powerless kid, Darryl has influence within the community—maybe more than the deacon. Darryl intends on using his power to destroy Deacon Matawapit and his church. 

Hoping to save the church, Emery races home. But stopping Darryl is harder than expected when their sizzling chemistry threatens to consume Emery. Now he is faced with the toughest decision of his life: please his devout parents and fulfill his call to the priesthood, or remain true to his heart and marry the man created for him. 

This is very erotic book about a spiritual journey.

Learn More:

An Ojibway from Northwestern Ontario, Maggie resides in the country with her husband and their fur babies, two beautiful Alaskan Malamutes. When she’s not writing, she can be found pulling weeds in the flower beds, mowing the huge lawn, walking the Mals deep in the bush, teeing up a ball at the golf course, fishing in the boat for walleye, or sitting on the deck at her sister’s house, making more wonderful memories with the people she loves most. 

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Book Anthology Feature & #Giveaway ~ A Darker Shade of Evil: A Demon and Devil Anthology ~ Spicy to Er0tic Romance

A Darker Shade of Evil

A Demon and Devil Anthology

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Deadly demons, diabolical devils and other creatures of the night will hold you spellbound in this one-of-a-kind anthology. In a world of dark delights, they trifle in forbidden passion, suspense, and kick-ass battles. It’s all right here for you in this captivating urban fantasy and paranormal romance anthology!

Brought to you by USA Today and International Bestselling Authors, these stories of sexy alpha heroes and heroines will keep you turning the pages. Devils, demons and their lethal hunters will draw you into their conquests, twisted deceptions, scorching heat, and yes, even love.

Don’t miss A Darker Shade of Evil! One-click now will claim your copy! 

* Heat Rating: Spicy to Er0tic Romance 

* No Cliffhangers 

* Happily-Ever-After or Happy-For-Now 

by the following brilliant USA Today and Bestselling Authors!

Khardine Gray – USA Today Bestselling Author– Alone In The Dark

Dariel Raye – USA Today Bestselling Author – The Devil Upstairs

Lori Titus – USA Today Bestselling Author – Talons

Muffy Wilson – USA Today Bestselling Author – Succubus Unleashed

Keta Diablo – Bestselling Author – I Spy A Demon

Marilyn Harlow – Bestselling Author – Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Gracen Miller – Bestselling Author – Hex

Michelle Scott – Bestselling Author – The Demon’s Prisoner

Katherine Smit – Bestselling Author – Siren Descending

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Book Tour, #Review, #Excerpt, & #Giveaway ~ A Bestiary Alphabet by Felix Eddy ~ Illustrated Guide to Mythological Creatures #Mythology @MirrorWorldPub

About A Bestiary Alphabet:

From Al-Mi’raj to Zlatarog, The Bestiary Alphabet features a different mythical creature for every letter of the alphabet, lovingly drawn and illustrated by the talented Felix Eddy.

Like the medieval bestiaries of old, the Bestiary Alphabet collects mythological creatures from all over the globe. Some are household names, others are delightful obscurities, but all will move and inspire you to dream of a world that you have never seen. Felix Eddy’s trip through the alphabet will show you the magic, mystery, power and beauty in all the things that might have been.

A Bestiary Alphabet is an illustrated guide to mythological creatures for a general audience.

Read My Review of A Bestiary Alphabet Here:

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Book Details:

Hardcover: 92 pages

Publisher: Mirror World Publishing

Publish Date: October 17, 2019

ISBN-10: 1987976614
ISBN-13: 978-1987976618

Read an Excerpt:

The al-mi’raj is a Middle Eastern beast that looks like a very large yellow rabbit with a long black horn growing from its head. Sometimes called simply a-mi’raj, they are said to kill and eat horses, and are very deadly to humans. They are featured in Islamic poetry and said to live on a mysterious island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Highly skilled traveling witches were the only ones able to destroy these creatures and prevent them from returning to an area. In fact, it’s likely that these “highly skilled traveling witches” actually spread rumors of these creatures so they could use their “skills” to exterminate them— for a price. They didn’t have to stretch the truth too far, though, because the al-mi’raj was possibly based on real life “attack bunnies”.

There are a few diseases that afflict rabbits, causing lumpy growths or making their fur matt up painfully, appearing like horns, or like bumps where a horn fell off. These rabbits are often driven mad with pain from their twisted and matted fur, which can make them unusually aggressive. While it’s doubtful that a rabbit could kill a horse, even if it was mad with pain, certainly a rabbit that was acting insane and rushing at people would cause some real alarm— perhaps enough to start the myth of a monstrous horned rabbit.

Horned rabbits have been translated into modern use by a number of fantasy writers and game companies. They are featured in video games and role-playing game books, both as monsters and as humorous creatures, called “horned rabbits” or “bunnycorns” or “unibunnies”.

Purchase Links:

Mirror World Publishing


Meet the Author:

Felix Eddy is an artist from Upstate New York. She is the illustrator of several books, including Dragonbait, The Time Traveller’s Resort and Museum, Bark’s Mulberry Socks, and Witches Witches Everywhere. You can find out more about her work at

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